Apple’s Third Generation Pencil May Feature Sensor to Copy Texture, Colour From Surfaces: Report



Apple has reportedly filed a patent application for an optical sensor that would allow a next-generation Apple Pencil to copy the texture and the colour from the surface of an item. The optical sensor may reportedly also enable the third generation Apple Pencil to wirelessly relay detected data to a laptop so it could be used with a drawing program. The patent also includes details of how the addition of the sensor could change the appearance of the Apple Pencil.

According to a report by PatentlyApple, Apple has filed patent for an optical sensor that could correspond to the patent application number US 20220413636 A1 with the US Patent and Trademark Office, which could feature on a future version of the Apple Pencil stylus.

The sensor will reportedly allow the Apple Pencil to detect the texture and colour of an object’s surface and “copy” them onto the Apple Device, that is expected to be device the next generation Apple Pencil will be used in conjunction with. This data could also be shared wirelessly to a laptop for use with drawing software, as per the report.

The patent application indicates that the next generation Apple Pencil could contain a light sensor and a light emitter which will work in tandem to analyse and detect colour and texture of a surface that the stylus is pointed to.

Meanwhile, Yanko Design has published renders that visualise how the next generation Apple Pencil could look like with the sensor.

The Cupertino, California-based giant has previously filed other patents related to biometric verification, gesture recognition like screen taps that facilitate copying, pasting, and undoing/redoing functions, as per a report by PhoneArena. Apple has also filed a patent application which is believed to include a speaker, a rotary input device, a microphone, an on/off button, a mute button, a biometric sensor, a camera, and a force and/or touch-sensitive trackpad on the Apple Pencil, according to the report.

A next generation Apple Pencil could make its way to the public sometime next year, the report adds.

However, it is important to note that Apple has not provided any official confirmation or indication regarding the developments around the next generation Apple Pencil. It is also worthy to note that every patent which is filed does not always make its way as an actual feature on the company’s upcoming devices.

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