B.C. wildfires: Salvation Army volunteers continue to support evacuees, firefighters – Okanagan



When thousands of people were forced from their homes to flee the wildfires in the Central Okanagan, the Salvation Army mobilized.

Hundreds of volunteers, many of whom were on evacuation order or alert themselves, were willing to answer the call for help.

West Kelowna Salvation Army officer Jennifer Henson and her team are working around the clock to feed evacuees and first responders.

“We have been able to fill [firefighters’] bellies and a couple of them told us they actually gained weight this week so that means we have done our job to keep them filled up so they can do the heroic job they are doing,” said Henson.

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The support they have been providing is appreciated by the firefighters.

“I also want to highlight the people who keep us going, the volunteers from the Salvation Army Disaster Services. These are the people who have made sure we have literally six meals a day plus as many snacks as we can fit in our pockets. We have not wanted for anything in terms of food or water,” said West Kelowna Fire Chief Jason Brolund.

The volunteers at the Salvation Army have been working countless hours since the Mcdougall Creek wildfire broke out a week and a half ago. Now, as many evacuees return home, the volunteers are shifting their focus to working to support people most affected by the wildfires.

“Those who have lost their homes, now they have this complex thing to go through and with insurance and everything,” said Henson.

“So what we are wanting to do is be there for them and say, ‘We are here to walk with them and walk with you for the long haul’ so it’s going to be hard but you aren’t going to do it alone.”

The West Kelowna Salvation Army is accepting monetary donations if you would like to help visit www.westkelownasa.ca


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