Now securely access sensitive images stored in Google Photos from more devices



San Francisco, Aug 30 (IANS) Google (NASDAQ:) has rolled out a new update across its Photos app that will make it easier to secure and access your sensitive images across all of your devices. The company is rolling out the ‘Locked Folder’ feature — which allows Android users to hide specific photos and videos behind a passcode — to iOS and web users, as well as a new option to back up Locked Folders in order to access those encrypted images across multiple devices using Google’s cloud.

“Today, we’re starting to roll out the option to back up your Locked Folder so you can access those photos and videos with your passcode on any of your devices. Plus, you’ll now be able to set up and access Locked Folder on iOS devices and the web,” Google said in a blogpost on Tuesday.

According to the company, photos and videos saved and backed up in your Locked Folder will not appear anywhere else in the app — you won’t see them in your photos grid, Memories, albums, or when you search for photos in Google Photos until you enable backup for Locked Folder.

“When you turn on backup for Locked Folder, you’ll be able to access that content across your devices when you sign in to Google Photos and open Locked Folder with your device’s passcode,” Google said.

The Google Photos settings page has also been updated to make it easier to find and adjust privacy controls and other settings. The new design replaces the previous settings page, and includes sections for privacy, backup, sharing, notifications, and more.




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