B.C. man says RCMP officers entered his home unlawfully over traffic violation ticket – BC



A Coquitlam father of two has filed a lawsuit following an incident in June 2022, when two RCMP officers allegedly entered his home unlawfully to serve him with a traffic violation ticket.

Kirk Forbes told Global News, “As I come out open the door, wow right there I am, face to face with a dark figure in my house and I’m standing here naked.”

“Instincts took over immediately and I was just about to tackle, and as I did that, I saw the RCMP uniform,” he added.

Forbes said the two Coquitlam RCMP officers told him they were serving him with a traffic violation ticket from 2021, which happened in Pemberton.

“I asked, ‘Forget all that, why are you in my house? Do you have a search warrant? What the heck is going on?’” Forbes said.

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“They said, ‘Well, we knocked on the door and the door flung open.’”

Click to play video: 'Lawyer for RCMP officer condemns slow pace of justice'

Lawyer for RCMP officer condemns slow pace of justice

Later that day, Forbes said he went to the Coquitlam detachment to file a complaint and suffered further humiliation.

“The gentleman behind the counter said, ‘Oh you’re the shower guy,’ and I kind of looked at him and so, I immediately start thinking my very private case — which has been very distressing for me — has become banter at the RCMP hall,” he said.

Forbes has filed a lawsuit alleging that “RCMP Members John Doe and Jane Doe voluntarily entered the Plaintiff’s Dwelling House without legal right or the Plaintiff’s consent, knowledge, or permission.”

It also states, “RCMP Members Jane Doe and John Doe abused their lawful authority and powers thus violating the Plaintiff’s fundamental rights… Section 8 of the Charter ensures that everyone is entitled to be free from unreasonable search and seizure.”

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Forbes added he was never pulled over in Pemberton and is challenging the ticket.

Coquitlam RCMP declined to comment.

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