Former CEO sells 78K shares of Blink Charging By



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Michael Farkas, the former Director Chairman & CEO of Blink Charging Co (NASDAQ:), sold 78,000 company shares Wednesday. A move that aligns with a broader pattern over the past year, during which this insider has divested a total of 1,516,998 shares.

Farkas’ recent sale has garnered significant attention from both investors and analysts, sparking increased interest in examining the relationship between insider trading and the stock’s price.

The insider transaction history of Blink over the past year reveals a noticeable pattern of greater sales than purchases. In this timeframe, there have been 26 instances of insider sales, with only 1 instance of an insider buying shares. This trend could be interpreted as a sign that insiders perceive the stock as overvalued, motivating them to divest their holdings.

While insider selling can raise concerns among investors, it’s essential to remember that such transactions may be influenced by various factors, including personal financial needs and portfolio diversification.

Investors should consider multiple sources of information and consult with financial experts to gain a comprehensive understanding of the company’s financial health and growth prospects.

Shares of BLNK are up 5.76% near end of trading on Thursday.


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